Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lunch with the Brats

So... The wife's out, and I'm looking after the spawn again (such a Good Daddy) and it's lunch time, unfortunately they're not adept enough at opening tins of cat food with their teeth just yet so I cant leave them in the garage and go out...

Thus, Chips, Pizza & Chicken Burger it is..

I open the fridge and a "Shit Storm" of Condiments, Fruit, Veg and Jars descend on me like a Monsoon... (my favourite raspberry jam didn't make it)

So I set about Ranting about how their Mothers gonna get it bad when she finally falls through the front-door drunk later on this evening, when the boy (probably not taking his eyes off the TV whilst doing it) shouts back...

"You know mom can't hear you right?!"

I'm soooo owned!

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