Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not "Elementary" to me!

Note to self:
(And YES I am incredibly this stupid!)

Just watching an episode of "Elementary" ( a US copy of "Sherlock Holmes") not too bad do far, ANYHOW.... (I digress sometimes)

They're in a hospital and "Watson" (a woman in this case) just did a strange test on a coma patient, where she held the patients hand over her face and let go, surprise surprise, the hand hit her square in the face..
Now, I must have missed the "test" point as it seemed obvious to this "layman"

So.... (Apologies for the delay)
I lay on my back, held up my arm, and let it go limp..


Yes, it does (hit you in the face I mean) and yes it hurt, especially as my ring hit me on the bridge of the nose!