Saturday, February 18, 2012

Utterly Buttery Bollox from O2

Utterly Preposterous Bollox of the Day:

Rang O2 to complain about the "excess data usage" alerts on my moms iphone, 400mb (80%) in 10 days then remaining 100mb in 1 day...

After much ado about that she must have lots of game apps (nope) must use Facebook alot (nope - she's 60) must be on Internet Explorer alot (doesn't exist on iPhone Dummy) to then finally give his O2 'support' consultants explanation of her usage as......

"If you don't sync with iTunes daily that's your problem"

If I could have dragged the Ass down the phone I would have!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Aw Dad?!

So the other night am Doin' the 3 'R's Homework with the boy (Readin, Ritin, Rithmatic) and he's havin some of his drink, when I decides (as the wife was out) I'll have one of my boozy ones...

(that, and He's tall enough to reach the pedals in the car should there be an incident in the home and he needs to take me to A&E!)

I go gets me one from the fridge, comes into the kitchen, and pops the cap off the bottle (without injuring myself), and takes a Swig....

(Lip Smacking) "AAAAAAaaaaa... that hits the spot!"

"Yep Son...?"

"Why can't you drink Beer like other Dads!?"