Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Oh Shugga!"


so - am working from home today as the eldest was out of school cos of the strikes (dont get me started on that sh*t)
anyways, as is always the case at home - everyone wants something and all at the same time, so here it is, 4pm and I decide "Bollox - am having a brew!"

  • Go downstairs, put kettle on to boil,
  • get mug out of cupboard, 
  • put a spoon of coffee in
  • grab the sugar bowl - none there (in to cupboard, theres our emergency fund of sugar - half bag
...and without thinking, empty most of the contents of said bag, straight into the coffee mug - not the sugar bowl!

"Shit!" laff it off, go show the family how stupid I am - laff - laff - laff

back to coffee mug (now full of sugar) and what do I do???

empty the coffee mug into the sugar bowl, thus mixing the majority of the sugar with the spoon of coffee that was in the bottom.....