Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wall mounted Tv

I've mounted the daughters tv on the wall of her bedroom today along with a new shelf and 2 walls worth of tv aerial cabling nicely hidden inside skirting board trunking and a big bastard cupboard, unfortunately, but not to be unexpected, this... was a Shit as it was all fed into the trunking before realising I'd used a 5 metre cable (too short) so all had to be undone so I could do it again with the 10 metre instead.

Then had to take the TV back off the wall and re mount about a foot lower as the daughter pointed out "Daddy??? I can't really see the program properly when lying on bed!"

(Note to self: check that before mounting the TV if I do this again) as such... I have some holes to fill tomorrow..

All... youll be surprised, pretty much without incident
No water damage,
No gaping "fist size" holes (just 3 tiny ones) and No electric shocks!

Only accident(s) were:

*) Taking about 5 hours instead of 2
*) Losing the skin off a knuckle with the metal part of the aerial cable (don't ask),
*) Standing on all sorts of lethal objects that I'd put down in the stupidest of places (Cos her bedroom looked like a tool shed for most of the afternoon)
*) Stabbing myself in the palm of my hand with a sharp pointy screwdriver that's meant to make pilot holes in the wall (not me)