Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Quite by accident, I Invented a new word just now

(Pronounced 'Hurgh-Eee-dee-uss')

As I was trying to 'deftly' climb the stairs to Bedfordshire just now, (in great pain I might add, as it feels like someone has blow-torched  my Achilles tendons having been out for a trot with the boy earlier this evening), I was taken aback at the sight of the "present-wife's" bed socks when my body seemingly gave up on me, went into a frantic spasm, and could no longer continue climbing; thus beset itself to start staggering back down;  I was clambering at the banister, narrowly avoiding pulling the cat through the spibdles, whilst gasping for air as I felt like I'd swallowed my tongue...

Hence, instead of what I was 'supposed' to say "<those socks are> Hideous!"

...Out came the alternate