Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Shite Craft"

So, the boy has been playing that bloody awful "Minecraft" ALL morning, with his younger sister and a friend;
However, it would appear that the others have well... kind of destroyed one of his worlds which apparently is:

*) giving his diamonds away,
*) letting his chickens get eaten by zombie sheep,
*) handing his swords into the local police station in an amnesty,
*) allowing said sheep to move out
*) and then burning his house down..

Now normally I'd vent at him and say "its a game" but when he told us all he had left was "flowers!"
well... we just pissed ourselves!

Good parenting 1 on 1
"Super Nanny" has nothing on us...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boxing with Little Miss

Markism of the day:

So stood in the sidelines watching the lad playing rugby, when little miss asks me why her brother has yellow teeth

"That's a gum guard Hun, so he doesn't smash his teeth.. Rugby players and boxers wear them"

(This is where it went sideways..)

Izzy starts boxing with me at this point, and uppercuts" me straight in the knackers!!