Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cat Litter Dinner

Is eating his tea with a knife and fork; Nothing unusual in that you might think...?

Well... It would be ok normally but my tea is actually 2 "coronation chicken" sandwiches with a side of salt & vinegar crisps
(don't tell Alex Abbey from the gym)

Ok... So why am I eating this with a knife and fork then?
Well... The wife (love that she is) made them for me to have at lunch, but I forgot when I went out for cat litter (I ended up getting a 30litre bag which weighs about 30kilos along with it) not to eat obviously, but I digress...
So AS I said, I had these sandwiches made for my dinner but forgot, getting cat litter and came back with 4 meat and potato pasties and a chicken sandwich (NO not all for me) and ate those instead

...so, WHY am I eating them, for my Tea, with a knife & fork? (I hear you SCREAM)

Because... The wife wrapped them in cling film that she then appears to have kicked around the house and dragged all the way to work behind her car as it looks like something you'd expect to find in A&E on a Saturday night!