Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crackle, Buzz Crackle Crack

"SparkysDiary" near miss...

So, the kids have finally decided they want breakfast (yeah, I know, it's nearly dinner, but I'm a good Daddy like they)
Toast with chocolate spread was the order shouted...
And as always, someone (probably me) has put the chocolate spread in the fridge, which means its solid!
So, toast is in, ETA 1 minute.. 
I know... "MICROWAVE"
But, ill unscrew the lid cos I do t want it exploding in there or anything...
In it goes, 30 seconds on the timer, go!!
I wander off for a bit, waiting for the "ding" but instead of that, I hear, 


...legged it back into the kitchen to what appeared to be a firework display...

"Holy Shit!"

Smoke, smell and everything!!

I'd missed that there was foil around the rim of the jar...