Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gordon would be Shocked!

Just when I thought I'd done teaching the neighbourhood kids & my own, all my "cussing" phrases; I decided tonight was the night to advance my "Culinary" skills to the next level...

with a 'Shepherds Pie'...

So, mid-way through, I'm mixing water with the 
shepherds pie mix (yeah, yeah, I know, hardly Gordon Ramsey, but let's get back to me?!) 

...there I am, mixing & stirring up a storm in the jug with the wrist action of a Teenager after watching his first episode of 'BayWatch'

when all of a sudden, the (current) wife decides to scrape a Shit-load of chopped potatoes,
into the pan of Boiling water, right next to me...


Covered in 1000 degree boiling lava!!!

(OK... Water, not Lava annnnd perhaps Not 1000 degrees, but you get the picture!)

(No association or discredit is meant to "Gordon Ramsey" with this post)