Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bet the Natives never had this problem...

Well, this is a new "never before seen" Markism...

I regularly have spillages in the car. Now when I say "spillages" I mean drinky ones, not personal ones; I might be in my late 20s, ok 30's, OK!!!! 40's but am not having body fluid leakages just yet..

so, the mother-in-law says to me "why don't you drink CLEAR fluids, like Water, or Sprite etc, that sort of stuff"

LIGHT-BULB moment... 

(must admit, never thought of that, not that I did here either..)

so, this morning, am on the way out of the house, and there it is, on the kitchen top "Coconut Milk" in a carton.... completely forgot I had that... AND ITS CLEAR (or so I thought?!)


half-way to work, took a gulp, and voila! all down my front, trousers, and pooled under my crotch...

alas, I must now wait to see if it dries... with a stain?!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Coffee Tsunami

Today's Markism (16th. June 2017)

Wifey has borrowed a new coffee machine to trial..

This thing is "super dooper", cheaper on refills, more selections and a much nicer coffee..

Now, above all this, it unfortunately has a "Markism Failure",
In that the mechanism to start the coffee pouring into the cup (that normally is a timed/flow restricted function) on this device.... is a MANUAL lever..

So.... you have to be there, and push to "off" when you're done (cup full)

Thus, when you're stood watching, and you're company mobile rings (in the other room) 

....5 minutes later you return to find coffee and water EVERYWHERE!!!

(Thankfully the water reservoir on the back was only half full)