Friday, June 24, 2011

Teachers... "F" is for FAIL!

Ok, I know I'm going to get a back-lash from people I know who are teachers, or who have teachers as relatives, and there are those out there that I know who work their asses off, but... todays Bollox announcement of Industrial Action next week has made my blood boil!

I'm not a teacher and admittedly I wouldn't want to be, and despite what I may voice below, I Do appreciate all educators, however... I don't appreciate my kids or anyone else's being used as Pawns!

Now, added to that, most people I know wouldn't want my job in "IT" either... but its what I do, personally (and some people might disagree) its what I do best, and I have a lifestyle thats accostomed to that Job.. and YES Christ knows there are days that I Don't want it; but don't come at me "Complaining" as to 'how hard done to' YOU are in your Job, I don't have that 'get out of jail' card where I can then turn around and say...

"You know what, I don't like that decision, so I'm going to stay home next Thursday and Sulk regardless of you and your kids..."


"Its snowing, so Bollox to you all... I'm not coming in..."

But you know what??? I didn't have that luxury, I had to get into work, because the "dependants" I have to look after in my job (i.e. my customers) who live in areas that its not snowing in, still need me to sort out their problems; I had to either get in work, or take holidays off my much smaller holiday calendar and look after my kids. I dont have the number of holidays a year that you do remember (somewhere around 13 weeks a year I believe?).

I didn't see you in the Summer holidays saying "Hey Mr. & Mrs. Parent, you know what... cos I was absent in the winter and didn't make it into work to look after your kids when everyone else had to, I'll make it up to you now... Don't you take a weeks holiday off at peak expense time, I'll come in on my holiday and recover those lost days for you"


"Next time you write to the Headmaster to ask if you can take your child out of school (cos they'll be missing out on valuable 'sticking and gluing' time) to go on holiday a couple of days early to save your self a Squinitillion pounds, I won't Decline it, cos I'm not being an arse this week..."

And then on occasion, the first day back after holidays, you have ANOTHER day off on the Monday to "prepare yourself" for the new Term, so I have to cover that day as well!
(I think I'm going to ask my boss for this privilege y'know?!)

Don't come back to me with that excuse "You don't know what its like, I have to work out of hours to get stuff ready for my classes

Gimme a Break...
So the Hell do the rest of us non-Teachers, along with Me, my Piers and my colleagues, we have to prepare jobs days and weekends in advance of Projects, we have to be away from home and our loved ones, sometimes on training courses, to keep 'us' clued up and able to compete in our jobs, and also come in out of hours, or accept a call from Hell at 5:20pm (Yes - not 3:30pm) from an Irate customer saying such things as...

"Hi there... Listen, The Sh*t has Royally hit the fan, cos I've dropped a Major Bollock... but... because its home time, YOU have to do it NOW until god-knows-what-time so that its fixed before they come back in at 9:00am in the morning"

but... thats MY Lot in life, I enjoy the job when its good, I get great satisfaction from solving those problems and of course I enjoy any small perks I get...

BUT in return, like you, I have to accept the Cr@p That I get back, whichever way it comes and accept it I Do! to use a phrase (that'll no doubt come back to bite me in the Ass...)

"Accept, that some days, you have to take it at both ends!"

Whats that I also hear.... following on from next Thursdays "Industrial Action" your also not in on the Friday because of "Warrington Walking Day"

...So Bloody What?
Do I get the day off???

Do I Bollox! But... I now have to take another holiday off because of it!

I understand your Grievances, I really do BUT I too have them in my job, and so does the rest of the working population, the current Economic Climate is affecting us all, its putting the squeeze on all Employers and Employees, not just Government or Council ones; I'd like better things, I'd like a pay rise, I'd like to be absolutely sure of job security, I'd like nice new 'material objects' at home, but the UK isn't in that position any more, and whether you or I think that Fair or Not (and I don't personally) there's F*ck all we can do about it, just be happy in the knowledge that you actually do have a job, and one that's more secure than most of the rest of the working population!

Bugger off with your Whining and Wailing, If you don't like your job, then change It!



Anonymous said...

Crikey. Your an angry man aren't you.
But I do agree with most of it!

Anonymous said...

Good one mate, last paragraph (starting "I understand your grievances") says it all.
I hope this blog gets f**king big news.

MAD I'm furious

Anonymous said...

As a "customer" of yours I have This to say:

have you sorted my problems yet?
You have the weekend to do it
(only joking)

Anonymous said...

That is so true. I wonder how many of these teachers and public sector workers complained when the BA air travel strikes were on?