Sunday, March 03, 2013


Sparkys Diary (& son)

So, the son and I, alone, watching films, and microwave popcorn... What could POSSIBLY go wrong??

Well, 2 things to be honest:

Attempt 1

"Dad... How long do we put the popcorn in the microwave?"
"Until it stops popping son.. I'm nipping out to the car to put my car mats back in, back in a minute" (another story)

Son appears on front-door step..

"Dad... The microwaves bleeping"
"Ok mate... Has it stopped popping?"
"No dad!"
"Oh! Ok I'll put it on for another couple of minutes"
.......time passes.....
(Smoke billowing and stink follows!)


(Black popcorn and a feint roomy aroma aptly named "Towering Inferno" that the wife will be WELL pleased with!)

Attempt 2

"Ok Son, lets take another crack at this, even idiots can't cock this up a 2nd. Time..."
"We'll put the popcorn in for less time, AND I'll stand and watch..."

(3 minutes later, popping stopped, emptied the bag out)

TONS of unpopped corn seeds in the bottom of the plastic bowl.
"Dad, why are there so many left undone...?"
"Hmmm because we need to put them back in, lets empty out what's done, then... Put the rest  back in!"

(1 minute more)

"Dad...? Why are they still not popped?"
"Erm... Dunno, sometimes they just don't, We'll just bin'em!"
"Dad...? Why they not comin out of the bowl?"
"be.....cause... They seem to be melted into the bottom of the bowl!"

"Dont tell your mom!"

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