Monday, December 22, 2014

Bah Humbug..

Bah Humbug!

Had a madly destructive day!
After being pissed around in my doctors chemists as they'd lost my prescription then made I'm out that if I'd come and picked it up on Friday then they wouldn't have lost it?!
What.. the.. f*ck?!
How the Hell's that my fault?

Then went to chippy with the kids and waited 20 mins for my fish after they'd forgotten to put it in, to then be told when I complain that the chips they'd already wrapped would be cold but I should have told them not to wrap until they'd done the fish!

Err . I don't f*cking think so - fresh ones please!

I get home and the replacement chips are also cold!
Put them in the microwave and it goes pop
Blowing all the god damn bastard fuses in the house

Then as the brats are mithering me incessantly  about absolutely Bugger All, the TOP comes off the vinegar all over my food

(Deep breath)
Drain all the surplus vinegar off my plate and then look to put in microwave..

Oh of course!!
I can't f*cking do that can I? as it's broken!

So I fanny about with fuses for a while until the red mist overtakes me and..
The microwave is defiantly broken now as it's  been literally THROWN out into the back yard severely DENTED!


I then need to get a new microwave off Argos but of course.. I forget...
The magic "charging" elf in my house is ME which means that when everyone else in my house wants to use a tablet or laptop etc they always find them charged..
Me however, no such luck..

And can I find a charging cable that fits?
So more deep breaths and then into the car to dispose of old battered microwave, Argos and the mad car parking for all the ass-holes who left they're xmas shopping till the last minute cos of course when it's Christmas the WHOLE F*CKING world shuts down doesn't it?!


Then last but not least to Boots to drag some poor assistant over the counter whilst yelling "I WANT SOME CALM ME THE F*CK DOWN TABLETS NOW BASTARD!"

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