Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rail Travel

Things I've learned travelling on the train to & from Manchester this week:

1) the morning train from St. Helens is never on time. It's been late every day and the tannoy to "apologise for any inconvenience" is recorded.
I wouldn't care, but it only has 3 stops before here?
And.. taking that already late time into account it's even later arriving at Manchester?!

2) People waiting to get on the trains are just rude!
You can see them eying each other up like "The Good The Bad & The Ugly" or like this train is the last cake on the plate, then when they're jostling as the doors open its like the Bloody Oklahoma land race.
ME: Push me and I'll push you back, it's not like I like you anyway?!

3) Once on the train, the jostling and barging continues as people fight for a seat; I will quote Ben Elton (not that I like him) and an old sketch "Double seat, Double seat. . Gotta get a double seat "
ME: Again, push me and you'll end up on someone's lap, I still don't like you! AND Oh.. I'm a biter!

4) On Sitting, it's then seemingly customary to put their bags or coats on the seat next to them as a "claim" of possession.
ME: Guess what? I don't mind sitting on your coat, or yiur bag so... you really should move it!

5) If you do get a seat and your lucky enough to get one with a table,  apparently its ok to stretch your legs out as far as you can to make it uncomfortable for the person opposite you.
ME: Move them cos I like to kick!

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