Tuesday, March 22, 2011

bad Parenting 101 - what NOT to say

Ok, this is bound to be 1 of many "faux-pars" involving my children...

The other morning me and the "present" Mrs. Eastham were woken by the elephant like baby-steps of our youngest 'Izzy' (3) clambering onto the bed followed by the equally stealth-like 'Harry' (7) Izzy sprawled herself across my legs face down and the mrs. proceeded to start stroking her back, which she took great pleasure in commenting as

"See Harry... Izzy likes her back stroking just like mummy, but Daddy DOESN'T do for her anymore..."

Not to be outdone (BUT forgetting my place) I replied, in hushed tones...

"and I like having my Nads stroked too, but Mummy doesn't do THAT anymore either.."

 A millisecond passed before (in an inquisitive voice) the boy replied...

 "Aren't Nads the same as Privates?"

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