Thursday, March 31, 2011


When is "Caramel Creme" actually "Lilac"??

Well apparently... When u buy the paint from B&Q! Just like the paint we had used all downstairs 6 months ago that comes off if you fart near it (so in a house with a 3 and 7 yr old, not good..)
 So u go back to B&Q with said paint and ask..
 "hya mate, see this paint here we bought.. It's not touch safe.."
 "Huh?" comes the reply from the Smart Arsed Customer service attendant. 
"it comes off when u wipe it!"
 "wipe it?"
 (deep breath)
 "yeah, fingerprints off kiddies etc.. Ya'know.. Wipe!"
 "well don't wipe it then.."
 "You winding me up?"
 "Well Sir? Does it SAY wipe friendly? Perhaps you should have read the tin before you bought it OR heres a thought... got other more expensive paint instead then shouldn't you?!?"

 .....So Officer.. THAT is why that Spotty, Six fingered, inbred Teenager behind the customer service desk over there is now Lilac!!

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