Monday, March 21, 2011


My EX car insurance company (ANON) took £80+ out of my bank a week ago, despite me giving them 2-3 weeks notice that I'd not be renewing, then sent me a new certificate of Insurance through. I called them to tell them they'd taken the money and sent me new paperwork - they apologised and added "the person" who dealt with your cancellation (implying they knew the 'spong' in question) didn't cancel it properly, and it would all be resolved and that she also should have sent the proof of no-claims out.. I've today received a new letter saying that they won't refund any money or send me out proof of no-claims until I return the paperwork (new certificate of insurance) they sent me out.. WHAT BOLLOX! I've just told them that's unacceptable but hit-a-brick wall I added - what if I'd shredded the paperwork, her reply "send us a letter to say you've shredded it and no longer are in posession - then we'll refund your money!" WTF??

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