Saturday, July 23, 2011

What the Bloody Hell?!?

So here we are in the caravan... In Wales... With the kids.... Who are now in bed!

Were both looking forwards to getting SHIT FACED!
(you never know... I may not have to do it myself!)

The wife bought "Vodka",
I bought "Tia Maria"
(no jokes please, I have acquired tastes!)

Now... This morning, as we thought we had no ice cubes, and cos I want my Tia Maria "on the rocks" (me bein a real man an'all) we put the vodka and Tia Maria in the freezer...

(ironically, we've now realised that the top tray of the freezer is choc full of ice cubes?!?!)

Ive just got my Tia Maria out from the freezer, and immediately sussed something was wrong, there was no "Glub" as I lifted up the bottle...?
I shook it, nothing...?

I unscrewed the lid, looked in, hmmm.... That don't look right?

Dipped my finger in...


What The Bloody Hell?!?

Not exactly sure why?
The Vodka is as liquid as it always is, cos its alcohol, so it doesn't freeze? but my booze isnt coming out of the bottle?

Ironically, I left it 15 minutes and it had gone back to liquid..
But when I got back to my waiting glass... my ice cubes had Bloody melted!


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