Sunday, January 03, 2016

Back seat driver

Today is one of the first times in ages that I've been a passenger in the back of my own car
This VW Golf was ONCE my pride & joy, when it was new; that was before:

-The youngest christened it with puke on its maiden day out, 
-The eldest broke off the rear drinks holders (now long since lost) swapping seats with his mates 
-Various fluids spilled in the back footwells and leaking bottles left on the back seats
-Looking like some kidnap victim has been clawing at the inner mouldings on the doors
-brown stains on the roof lining like Willy Wonka has exploded on the back seat
-rubbish in every possible hidey-hole
-etc etc...

I think I must actually be the father to 2 Goats and not 2 "angelic" kids


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