Sunday, January 03, 2016

Death of a Thousand Pricks

Tonight's Markism:
(Christmas Eve, 2015)

Wifey & the kids have been to church "Kriss Kringle" service, it's not something I go to, as I'm not particularly religious (that'll come and bit me in the ass when I try to get through those pearly gates) and also while the kids are out of the way, I get to "organise" some of tomorrow morning,
Anyhoo... Back to my injury!

Part of the tradition is for the kids to make one of these orange candle thingies, using candles, sweets, from ribbon, cocktail sticks, pins (for the ribbon) & an orange..

So they all arrived home, I was in the kitchen tidying up and sing the kitchen tee-towel
Some time later, I had need of said tee-towel, grabbed it, and then SHRIEKED in pain!!!

Dropping the towel, a myriad of inch long "needles of death" sprinkled all over the kitchen floor


About FIVE of the F*cking things didn't,
Oh.. because they were embedded in my Bloody thumb and Palm, sticking out like a Shitting porcupine!!

Much swearing and stomping around the kitchen ensued along with accusations at each member of my family in an attempt to find out which BASTARD would do something like that to me!!

Yes.. I took it personally!!

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