Sunday, May 22, 2011

WWF in my bed

Well, obviously not really, or in any sort of sexual connotation either, (married with children [or as a friend of ours reminds me, FPO's "Fun Prevention Officers"] ) this involves my 3 year old coming in to do her usual

"...It's wake up time and I want 'up' & breakfast NOW....... Bitch!"

(she thinks very highly of me even at this age)

So far I've had a pile-drive, clothesline, head butt, bellclap (something that had I not already had a vasectomy would have saved me the hassle) elbow to the eye, knee strike AND a double axe handle...

Its like being in bed with the late WWF/WWE STAR 'Macho Man Randy Bloody Savage'
Oh! and Not forgetting the complimentary NERF darts shot point blank into my face (thankfully none to the Bollox thus far!)

I'm actually quite looking forward to my future booking into an old people's home, at least I'll get some piece alone (sex will still be a past memory as the present "mrs", being younger than me, will have done one with my pension) and if I do piss myself I'll be comforted in the knowledge that I'll be warm for a while, and no-one will steal that!

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