Sunday, May 08, 2011

You could always set fire to it?

Lost track here of whether I ever mentioned my piece of sh*t Ford XR2 (Mk1) that I once had if so you need to read my 'How not to cut rubber' story here also; anyways - I digress, will have to look into that one; HOWEVER I once had this Caspian Blue Ford XR2 car - hmm about 1989-1990'ish and when I got it (much to the amazement of everyone around me - it being such a piece of sh*t an'all) I decided it needed the full 'valet' experience (it needed a sh*t load more than that as it happens, but there you go - I had to have it!)

This involved a T-Cutting session. Now anyone in their right mind who has a 'mettallic' paint car (i.e. base colour then lacquer) knows that you just don't ever, EVER T-Cut them.

On this occasion, I thanksfully didn't ruin the paint job by doing the T-cut, but it was a pain-staking WEEKEND of a job.

It was a HOT and Sunny Day, and I was in the mood to get it a gleamin!!! so I thought

"ok - Full Monty - TCut then Wax - Oh Yeah!!!"

Out came the TCut, and I started to do the car, Panel-by-panel... The whole car took 3/4 hour to an hour, by the time I got back to panel number 1 My brother (far more worldly wide regarding cars than I) came out and started giggling at me...

"What you gigglin at Knob head" was probably what I said..

"Err... How you gonna get that TCut off the car now, Bro?" was his reply

"Waddya mean?"

"Err... well... have you tried buffing it yet?"

"No?" with a squinted and curious look, realising that there was some method to his madness, it squirmed out of my mouth.

So I got my buffing cloth and started to buff...


The noise was awful, and the cloth came apart!

"Oh SHITTY SHIT SHIT!" I realised I had a problem on my hands and to make matters worse, my mom & dad's neighbour and his son (Both of them Retards) were now taking an interest - Even Better!

I Rubbed, and I Rubbed and it wasn't comin' off....

"What should I do?" I asked my brother

"Well.. .you could try setting fire to it.... nah only jokin, try washing it with really, HOT water..."

So I did this and it brought MOST of it off luckily, but it took 2 washes.

The next day, the remainder of it came off with a Waxing

It was a painstaking weekend which was the pre-cursor to a... well.... piece of sh*t of a car!


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