Sunday, April 10, 2011

And Why WOULDN'T it be Empty Lou?!

(This has LITERALLY just happened @ about 7:30pm)

ok, we're madly packing, unpacking and re-packing for our weeks holiday to Wales (where men are men and sheep are nervous!)

I'm in and out of the loft like Friggin Santa tonight, when I've finally lost it and decided the cr@p on the landing SHOULD be in the loft and not where its been all week, a number of items including a Baby's Potty/Commode (ours is pink), if you've never had one, its an item that cost a fortune, and served very little purpose more than a normal potty would have, but it has a lid and a slide out drawer to get rid of the... well... am sure you know!

(can you tell what it is yet?)

The boy is in his room, plotting ways to annoy me (with him mum) and the 3yr. old girl is next to where I am (at the loft ladder) Ironically, On the toilet!

Anyway, one by one, these items went up, until it came to be the Potty's turn, I picked it up, held it aloft, then proceeded to clamber up the ladder, LOOKING UP..

Suddenly, it was like a Hurricane dropped out of the loft, it was raining on me, for a mili-second I assured myself it was water (for some reason) but alas not, the smell, the colour and unfortunately the taste (not that I'm a connoisseur or anything) corrected me like a baseball bat...

I was covered in Kiddy P*ss and I'm pretty sure it had matured some over the past week....

So the argument then started, in between the howls of laughter from my 3 'soon-to-be' EX-family, and the wife came out with her fateful line...

"Didn't you think to check it first to see if it was empty?"


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