Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Didn't you Cancel Sky?

(June 2002)
Now, I know what your thinking.... "Sky?... I thought you cancelled Sky?" (reading a previous legacy posting) 

Well... yeah I did, WAYYYYYY back in November/December 2001, but to my complete shock, this particular weekend I received a letter from them saying that because I'd cancelled my Direct Debit they were now fining me (as an Administration Fee) £4 AND they would be re-issuing me another invoice for what I owed them which would also incur an admin fee!
Now, this letter actually got to me through Post office re-direction.
so.... I grabbed the phone and rung, and surprising as shit, I got through straight away...

"Hi.... can I give you an account number please...?"
"Of course Sir.."
"and can I have the name and address of the account please"
"Fred Bloggs..... 99 any street, anytown etc.."
< pause >
"Ok Mr. X, how can I help you today?"
.. so I explained the letter and the confusion seeing as I'd cancelled sky so, so long ago etc...

"Well Mr X. in all honesty, there is no recollection of the fine here, and to be honest, we actually owe you 97p, but as far as the letter goes, you're probably better disregarding it as it's probably a computer error"

I replied that I'd rather not just leave it, as these things have a habit of coming back to bite you in the ass, but she told me I'd have to ring back on Monday (as this was Saturday)
I then enquired (and this is where you'll be in desbelief) as to how much it would cost to re-get sky TV again as we'd been a previous customer..

"Erm... I'm afraid you can't as you've already been a customer and benefitted from the Free package deal before"

< Now.. in all shock, I just shot back (after hitting the ceiling as usual) that it would be Sky's Loss... and hung up! >

Ok... so it's now Monday morning, and I want to progress this SKY TV fine somewhat more to be sure it's not going to come back to haunt me!

< usual blah blah blah as I get through the ultra-hig security fence at Sky TV >

Same result, "Just ignore the letter, the reason for it is that you never cancelled the Direct Debit with your bank" was what I was told
"Eh? where do you get that answer from ? The letter says that 'BECAUSE YOU CANCELLED YOUR BANKS DIRECT DEBIT' and I did actually cancel the Direct Debit with the Bank actually!"

< Stony Silence >

"Just ignore the letter Sir!"
"OK.... while I'm on though, can you tell me WHY I can't get SKY at home any more even though I was a customer once?"
"Yes Sir... becuase you got Sky with a Free/Reduced price before, and it's only ONE per household!"
"But.... I was one of the Mug's that actually went to Comet/Curries etc. and paid £200 QUID for it?"
"Yes Sir... and that was a reduced price!"
"Reduced... From What? for Gods Sake?"
"Ooh Much, Much more sir!"

I left it at that....
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