Saturday, April 09, 2011

Where's mi'Bloody Wallet?


were off on our hols on Monday (somewhere in Wales where they make Wellies?) anyway's, getting stuff together last night and I realise..... Wallet?
Now in my house, we seem to have a Black hole somewhere, car keys, money (well... my money anyway) and the wallet.. its ALWAYS dissapearing and its usually the 3 year old Devils Daughter.

After much hunting around, emptying of the works laptop bag (numerous times and now emptied all over the kitchen table!) and me on my hands and knees on the drive with a torch, looking in the car, under the seats, in the door panels, UNDER the car... nothing!


so this morning, up bright an early, I figured I must have left it on my desk at work, so off I shot, gets to work... nothing!


Aha! I assisted a colleague putting stuff in his boot, I must have dropped it in there, so I texted him, at 7:45am am sure he was well pleased, and said when he was up (hint hint) could he take a look in his boot.. IF it was there, I'd be none too impressed, as he lives in Blackpool!

Set off for the return trip home (round trip of about 25 miles) I set, slowly, just in case he texted back to say he had it, and I could jump onto the M6 motorway and hot foot it up there, I got home before I got a reply, so carried on emptying the cars contents out onto the drive just in case... nothing

Into the house, Rant Rant Rant, sat the 3 year old in front of a lamp in a darkened room, and prepared for the criminal interrogation (I had a  feather duster and truth serum ready for torture) of finding our where the little 'darling' had hidden my wallet (we'd had a similar incident some months ago involving Car Keys - again when we were going on a break - and eventually found them in the back of a cupboard) - nothing - but she showed me where Peppa Pig had left his pants!

"BLEEP BLEEP - BLEEP BLEEP" A text... a Text, could it be that my wallet was in Blackpool.....???? and..... No!

Where the FRIG! is my bleedin wallet??

Am now in the dining room, kicking various furry, cuddly animals around the floor, and I again STARED at the Dining room table, with the contents of my laptop bag, this is where it ALWAYS is, I put it in my bag on Auto-Pilot... WHY is it not here???

Grr....... shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, Cables, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, Laptop, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, Mouse, shuffle, shuffle, kids Black Hat.... Huh? Kids Black Hat?? what the hell's a kids black hat doing on the table, I tossed it against the wall.....


What in the bloody hell was my Wallet doing inside a Kids Black Hat???



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