Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Banned from Blockbuster

Many years ago, I went to Blockbuster Video store (I think it was that long ago, that it was actually called something else) but needless to say, there I went.

Whilst there I noticed one of the young ladies loading up the CD rack's that adorned the ends of the Video (as they were back then).

Hmmm I pondered, wonder what CD's they are...

Now, for those of you not quite sure how the CD racks work in these stores then let me tell you what NOT to do with them.

They're made out of clear perspex and are EXTREMELY flimsy, and for a clumsy b@stard like me they're an accident waiting to happen as follows :

Up I wandered, made a grab for the CD that was on the top shelf, and BUMP!, knocked the top shelf out of it's little grippers for it to drop onto the shelf below....
UNFORTUNATELY, this shelf then gave way under the weight of two fully laden shelves of CD's further dropping onto the 3rd shelf below that and so on and so on and so on, until all 8+ racks of shiny CD's were in pieces on the floor with the crashing sound still echoing around the shop along with 8 SHATTERED clear, perspex shelves, completely destroyed!

I was asked to leave!

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