Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Your sending Poo?"

"Your sending Poo?" (Circa November, 2002)

My brother, his wife and my neice (who's now around 14) came up this particular weekend, and only after going, did we realise that amongst other things they'd forgotten, was Pooh Bear (i.e. Winnie the Pooh). Now, as my neice has a number of items she leaves at our house, we didn't think too much about it until yesterday evening when my brother rang up in the evening to say that she was distraught, and they were ransacking the house... did we have pooh?

Anyways, we arranged for me to send Pooh to her ASAP, so this am, I jiffy bagged it up, and went along to the post office, forthwidth.

Now, I've had MANY a tiff in this particular post office, as they're a bit 'jobs-worthy' if you get my drift, I'm sure there's an entry or two in there about them) anyways, the 'franchise' running this post-office (come shop) are Indian, and well, the eldest one is particularly hard-of-hearing and his English isn't particularly great, so I've had many a time, where your standing there wondering what the hell each of you is on about.
I handed the Jiffy bag over, and after the usual weighing of items etc, I was asked what was in it, I replied "Pooh!"
... there was a pause .....
"Poo?" (was the reply with a serious Indian dialect)
"POO!" (again was my reply) "Poo..."
"Huh?" ...then some mumbo-jumbo which I didn't understand, then a call to the back, for the others who work in the shop (also Indian, but slightly more able to understand)
...there was a chattering of I presume Indian being banted back and forth between them, then one of the younger ones came back to me...
"What is in the parcel.... Poo?... You are Sending Poo?" (Literally with a HORRIFIED look on his face)
(Now... those of you who know me, know I can be a little sick and twisted, so I let this carry on for a while before I revealed it fully)
"Yeah.. POOH!.... You know... POOH!"
I decided to fill in the blanks, because I got the impression they were reaching for the baseball bat!
"W.I.N.N.I.E....T.H.E......P.O.O.H - Soft Toy..... understand???"
....there was a pause......
"OH!... Winnie the Pooh.... BEAR!"

"Yeah.... like I said.... Pooh!"
There was a deep breath and sighs of relief.....

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