Friday, April 15, 2011

Holiday Blog - Day 5 - "Fly Fishing"

While I've got a bit of Internet thought I'd write up a couple of notes.

As you know we're in this awesome static caravan that we've been lent for the week, and the kids being as meddlish and clumsy as me, I'm a tad petrified of what's going to get broken while were here...

Izzy found the fishing rods on the day we arrived and proceeded to start whipping it up and down the hallway very much like a veteran Fly Fisherman, thankfully there was no hook on the end of it or I'd have been yanked off the couch by my J.R. Hartley's

Also, Harry found the feather duster and asked what it was... Me being the bad parent that I am, I told him it was for weekends when Mummy and Daddy come down without the kids.... I'll be having it removed from where the 'present' mrs. Eastham shoved it later!

Then (as you also know now by my relentless rants at the "God Squad") we have been surrounded by hundreds of "The Faithful" who've had most of the 'entertainment' on the site closed because it was "temptation" either that or they're just miserable sods? which had infiltrated (between Gospel classes) the "Splash Zone" swimming and water fun complex...

Strange though... Didn't see any of them walking on water?

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