Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feet like a Hobbit

In my life (all 42 Stupid years of it), I've broken my feet/toes umpteen times, in such ludricous ways as :
Kicking a radiator
The first time I broke anything, aged probably around 9/10, as I've mentioned in other 'Stupids Diary' entries, me and my brother were classic fighting syblings. On this particular occasion we were chasing each other around the cottage we lived in at that time, and for some insane reason, I decided to kick out at him, WHILST RUNNING!
BONG! instead of contacting with him, I kicked the radiator at the top of the stairs, breaking most of the toes and fracturing some of the bones in my Left Foot! (surprising as I'm Right Footed)

Playing football
At Senior school, but probably aged somewhere around 11/12, playing football in the gym after Cross-Country training, and both myself and the teacher who used to do the out-of-hours Cross-country, went for the same ball at the same time, both contacting at the same time. The was a HELL of a sharp pain shot through my RIGHT foot, and hours later, at the hospital, it was diagnosed as broken toes!

Has to be one of the stupidest ones. I wasn't that bad as far as swimming goes at school. On this occasion, I was swimming widths and decided to try a Tumble-Turn...
I approached the poolside, assesed the approximate distance and started my turn... However, at some point in the turn, I managed to cock it right up and smacked my feet onto the top-side of the pool, right on the tiles.
Broken toes in LEFT Foot.

Jumping over a Wall
As usual larking about outside school at lunch, an d for some reason I had a lazy ankle, which kept my foot pointing down as I jumped OVER a wall, I ended up catching my toes, going ASS over TIT, landing on my face, and clutching my throbbing LEFT foot.
Broken toes again in left foot!

I didn't do Karate for long and this is probably one of the reasons why..
I was put into a sparring couple with a Brown/Black belt, who was very, VERY helpful, if a little rough (considering I was only a Yellow Belt), but he was quite encouraging in the attacks he would advise me to try. Unfortunately, this one particular move he told me to do, he said he had a retalitaion/defence for, but still told me to do it for my own learning experience.
I was to try a couple of dummy leg kicks, to throw him off guard, but on the Third kick, actually follow through, BUT of course he was expecting it, and as I struck, he slammed his elbow down onto the main mass of my foot.
I was crippled for about a week, and had the BLACKEST foot I'd ever seen (resembled Frost-Bite).
Broken bones in my Right Foot.


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