Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paint Along with Nancy

Any of you as old as me (EARLY 40's) will possibly remember a Painting programme that used to be on TV called 'Paint Along With Nancy', now this programme used to be hosted by Nancy (obviously) who looked like my ex-mother in law, Dark hair and reminded me of the Wicked With of the West, and some old geezer who used to stand next to her whilst she painted and said admiring things like 'Ooh, you wouldn't have been able to tell that was a tree before would you viewers??'

Anyways, I refer to this cos when I was younger (around 5) my parents would watch this all the time, and as I didn't have anything else better to do I used to paint etc. now when real young of course, my parents wouldn't VOLUNTARILY let me use REAL paint (Oil etc.)

So I used to paint with Water colours, now of course., Water colours involve, water paints and a big jug of water to wash your brush in, however, for some reason when I was painting I'd get the urge to DRINK the water in the jug, AFTER I'd washed my brushes in it, which no doubt was before the British Standards didn't allow TOXIC content in paints and crayons...

Wonder if that explains anything??

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