Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm called "Sparky" for a reason ya know ?!

I was seeing this girl, whos mother unfortunately at that time, didn't know me that well (as far as DIY) and shouted up-to me asking if I could come down-stairs to change a light bulb for her..
Anxious to impress, I rushed downstairs and presented myself in the living room. Now the living room had been knocked through 2 rooms so it was large, thus the lights each had 4 bulbs on them (on a cross-type chandalier), and luckily for me only ONE had to be changed... so Off went the lights to the chandalier I was changing (safety first) and out with the old and in with the..... NOPE... for some reason, the new bulb just wouldn;t screw into the stem??
Unfortunately, the roof in this living room was quite high, and even though I'm relatively tall, I couldn't see into the stem, even tilting the chandalier... (A step lader at this time would have been the sensible thing)
"Hmmm..." I pondered to myself.... I went back to the wall switch and turned the lights back on because I couldn't see, and once again inserted the bulb into the stem and half expected the bulb to at least light on contact... but NO!
"AAAAGGGggghhh!" I shouted in temper, "F*cken bulbs!"
In, Out, In, Out no joy... "Damn!..." I thought... "There must be something in the stem jamming the bulb?" (Why? I ask myself afterwards, How could something be in there?) but No, in my haste I decided to ram my finger into the stem to see if there was an obstruction....
The lights went out and I found myself on my back with a throbbing sensation running up and down my arm like the Grand National!

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