Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mamma Mia

Unfortunately the 'present' Mrs. Eastham is forcing us (me) to watch "MammaMia" and the Squiddlers are also still up..

However, as always in our household, there's a moment!

Picture the scene:

...Daughter (about to get married) dives into the Aegean sea and swims to 3 men in a Yacht
I say (as she's in a very well fitting swimsuit) "Ey up?!" (I get growled at by the mrs. Who scowls at me) then says "they're ALL her Fathers"

Harry (my 7 year old) asks "how come she has 3 Daddies?"

Me, not being very tactful

"err.... Her Mummy liked having them!"

Think I could have explained that better!?

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