Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Pringles Incident

(this one happened about a year ago)

On my way driving back from Peterborough once, I decided I'd eat the remainder of my Pringles, my 'car-food' every one has car food, and especially if its a long journey, and for me Peterborough was a cr@p place to go to (but much better to come home from)

now when I get towards the bottom of the tube and you cant get to them as solid crisps, I leave the lid on and shake the shit out of the tube to basically mash the remaining Pringles into bits...

Why???? So that I can pour them into my mouth of course... Simple..

BUT... These pringles had been in my car for about 3 weeks so as I poured them into my mouth IMMEDIATELY spitting them back into the tube.... STALE!!!


This isn't the end of the story... This was my Nice, New, Golf... My Pride & Joy, Gorgeous...(that the 2 year old had already thrown up in on its maiden drive)

I decided rather than just put the lid back on the tube and wait to bin them until I got home, I would 'Oof' the contents out the window (for the birds), but not the drivers window, Nooooooooo... That would b too b@stard simple wouldn't it, I was driving and decided I would be a clever prick and press the electric window and open the front-passenger window and whip them across the car like a bullet out of a barrel....


Unfortunately, in my haste to press the window button AND keep my eyes on the road I hadn't opened the FRONT Passenger window, but the REAR passenger Window, so the content (travelling at sub-subsonic speed, ricocheted off the window in directions!

It was like I was in a Friggin Meteor storm!


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