Friday, April 08, 2011

The Squiddlers

I have 2 Squiddlers, the boy is 7 and will be kicking my head in before too much longer, he likes football, unfortunately he's no good at it... at all but tries and thats what matters... when playing on the big field at practice on weekends he likes to pull the bibs over his head, running around blind, until he ultimately runs into the goalposts; and when he's in goal, he has on occasion, been found to be asleep; unfortunately he's leaning towards being a Manchester United fan, and (thanks Grandad J) he has a signed (in Crayon I believe) big picture of Wayne "Shrek" Rooney on his wall...

Last week at football (indoors) it was a little warm, and I shouted to him to take his "hoody" off, he tried (he has that going for him) to unzip it, but it got jammed half way down, and him being the gifted child that he is, he thought it would be best to "shimmy" the hooded top (still half zipped) down his body and legs, which, you know, in principal 'should' work, however he is my son after all, and while the hoody was still wrapped around his legs, a passing football took his fancy...
Now, at this time, I wish I'd been filming this, as I would now be £250 pounds richer, however... no such luck on that front, and alas, the boy decided he'd take a swing at it, tugging his other leg out from under him.. ending up on his arse!

The other (girl) aged 3, far more vicious, and probably possessed by Demons is equally as vicious to me and bangs her head ALOT but I don't worry too much about this, as I too used to bang my head alot and it did me no real harm!?

Out in the back garden tonight, talking to the neighbour (about this Blog as it happens) I had to remind my son, that sitting on top of the wheelie bin, albeit cool, wouldn't be so smart if the lid imploded as it often does and I'd have to retrieve him feet first again..

The daughter, while this was happening... was eating bird-seed off the decking, cos.. if the birds ate it, why couldn't she? (she has got a point I guess)

Later on, while she was following the neighbours cat around (this one only has half a tail, which is nothing to do with me as it happens) a lovely, friendly sort, while she's hunched over, she walked head first into the fences between our two gardens, "Owch" a familiar sound, then a seemingly grown-up "look around" to see if anyone had seen, something she'll need to get used to being mine!

There will no doubt be plenty to tell you about them, so keep your eye out for them.


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