Thursday, April 07, 2011

I seemed to have spilled my Coke

Bloody Classic Mark'ism happened this morning in kitchen of Nice NEW offices as we were finishing up the office move, and am bloody furious it was 'me' it happened to, couldn't have been anyone else could it? Nooooooo that would be too easy!

(this Is after a previous incident involving NEW OFFICE FURNITURE which I'll Blog another time, to which the boss had a minor explosion over)

Almost finished today, so I decided I'd have some Coke from the fridge, got the bottle out, took lid off, started pouring it into those crappy plastic cups you get on water-machines, of course, I spilled it, all over the top of the fridge, however, worse was to come...

...then the fridge door popped open as another one of the bottles in there decided it would roll out, so while still holding the opened bottle of coke, I quickly dropped down to crouching level to catch the other bottle but managed to hit the base of the bottle I had (at some force I might add) on the floor or the fridge door top (I struggle to remember - it was a bit fuzzy), which made the b@stard explode like the engines on "Apollo Friggin 13"

All over the fridge, walls, electric sockets and because I tried to put my thumb, over Icelandic Geyser, Spurting like an 80's pornstar, it ended up doubling the 'ejaculation' UPWARDS All over 6 of the NEW White 'ultra absorbent' F*CKING roof tiles....

Considering (when it was all over) that the bloody bottle of coke was still half full (AND flat as f*ck) you would think that a reservoir had burst its banks in the kitchen, the amount of liquid there was... (also dripping onto my scalp from the before-mentioned roof tiles!!)

Now.... the Boss's wife was in, along with my wife, and a small number of colleagues... I was SH*TTING Bricks as I was convinced I was going to Die. I told everyone to NOT come in, so I could at least wipe up the vast majority, but she came in anyway....

"Oh F*ck" was her comment

(could have gone worse I suppose...)

5 roof tiles had to be replaced!

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