Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Tubbin

A MISSED Defining moment in my life!

OK, I was 17 or 18 and working in my first REAL job I suppose, at a Towel manufacturer in Horwich, Bolton. I was virginal and extremely cautious of anything whatsoever.
We used to order our printing paper and stationary from a well-known Printers based in Manchester at that time, and our 'Rep' used to come in quite regularly, and I was in charge of dealing with him and ordering new printer paper as and when it was required.
Anyway, on this particalar week we'd just ordered a SHIT LOAD of paper, can't remember why, I think it was the yearly stock-take so we were expecting to do lots of printouts for the runners going around the factory and warehouses counting Towels etc.
I got a call from the Rep.
"Hi... it's Mike from ???????... .you are never going to believe this, but I've won Sales Rep of the Year, and your large order tipped me into first place, thanks a million!"
"No problem Mike.." I replied, "we needed the paper.... so what did you win then?"
He replied "A weekend skiing in Austria/France ad that's why I'm ringing......... Do you wanna come?"
......... LONG PAUSE ......... < basically as I was shitting myself >
NOW.... not that I'm homo-phobic or anything, BUT I was having visions before my eyes of all sorts of horrific things going on in this ski-chalet' somewhere up in some mountains where no-one would hear me scream!
Basically whenever this guy came he Wreaked of Aftershave, and always seems to be super-well groomed, with gold bracelets and the like, so me being the sheltered guy I was, obviously added up 2 and 2 and came to 11.
I made my excuses and left it at that. We still ordered paper from them up until I left and never heard of Mike from ??????? again!
Many, Many years later I was working for a CCTV Manufacturing company in Swinton, Manchester and we had just employed a new guy, from Newcastle...
After a few days/weeks we got-a-talkin' about past companies and it turned out that he'd been in and around Manchester for some years (he'd come down with his girlfriend) and had actually worked at the ??????? Printing company from this past history of mine, AND had also worked WITH the Mike as mentioned above.
Now... this is where my life turns upside down (or the lack of it up-to this moment shall we say!)
It turns out that this Mike quite regularly won this award and was well known for his Hot-tubbin, err.... shall we say fun, Fun, FUN! parties, usually with MANY very, attractive women and basically most things legal and illegal would often occur.
So, as far as defining moments in life goes, I took the sub-way, when I could have taken the Mile-High route!

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