Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thieving B@stard (Rant)

(This happened some months ago but...)

I know some of you are gonna say serves u right for trying to jip the system but...

Some Rat-Bastard-Skank fiddled me at the Bolton hospital car park tonight going to see my old gran...

After driving round the very inadequate car park for 10 mins (one of those round-and-rounds where youve been going round the car-park for ages hoping for a spot, when you get back to the entrance to start another drive round, just after someone literally 'just' drives in and then straight into a vacant parking spot that you would literally have just got yourself)
I observed a family return to their car, opened my window to ask if they were going?

"why yes" was the reply "would u like our spot?"
"that'd be great"

So I waited a while, as they loaded the clan into the car, reversed out then as he pulled alongside me he said "give us a quid (for the kids) and u can have my ticket, it's good till 9pm"
I handed over said pound and he drove off, only then did I realise that Bolton hospital car park bastards stamp the ticket with the car registration (which he would hav typed into the machine) and would hav known as he jipped me... Sh*t Head!

If only I had some way of finding out this tossers address from his registration.?.?.?

Still angers me that anyone should hav to pay at a hospital car park anyway!

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