Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holiday Blog - Day 3 - Holy War on The Titanic

(no real Internet connection so this will be brief)

The boy is with me in the main pool complex in 'water peddalos' in the wave pool with about 10 other kids, obviously the wave pool isn't on as that would be sick and end up being a bit like "Titanic II", albeit would make a great scene for 'Harry Hills Home Videos' and would have paid for our week here... but these boats have rotary hand pedals on them, all these poor kids are knackered, and will no doubt start chucking up in the pool shortly, which would earn me another £250 if I was allowed to video it (let's not get started on the PC brigade)

The little one us at a Teddy Bears Picnic over in the main complex, nice idea, they had to pay for it but am not averse to spending, however apparently the "God squad" have descended in their hundreds into the area where the kids are and they've been forced into a corner, nice of The Bible Bashers that, isn't there something g in the Bible about "Blessed are the little Squiddlers"

Bloody Bible Thumpers,

...Good job theres not an "Al Quieda" convention here too, otherwise we'd have had a Holy War..

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