Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cat Surfing

Cat Surfing (sometime 2000)

My beloved (the present "wife") and I were in the very early stages of "the honeymoon period" (long before being married, That'll come back and bite me in the ass no doubt)

Anyway.... at this early time, I had 2 'chocolate point' Siamese cats, "Chan" and "Coco" (or as I more affectionately called them "Bastard" and "Shit-head")

One night, we decided we were going to go downstairs and get "mucky" in the living room (WAY WAY WAY before kids obviously), and as such, in preparation, I was already naked; this is an Olympic classskill of mine in that I can go from "clothed" to "bare flesh" faster than 'Usain Bolt' can do 100m (somewhere around 9.58 seconds I believe), so I legged it out of the bedroom to the top of the stairs in anticipation.... but an incident was about to occurr..

One of my cats (coco the smallest one, thankfully, as he had to be removed with a probe from my anus the following morning) had somehow gotten under my foot, and in making a break for it, caused both myself, and him to them shoot down the stairs (me bare-ass naked remember) like we were doing the Toboggan on the "Cresta Run"

Some milliseconds later, I found myself, dazed and "smarting" in some rather unwanted places, carpet burns up my thighs, ass and back and an unwelcome visitor clambering to get out from under my butt.

Nevertheless, Sex was no longer on the agenda, the "wife" was still at the top of the stairs, laughing her ass off... in fact we did call an ambulance that night, but for her, she was having breathing difficulties...

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