Saturday, April 02, 2011

Radiators don't like scooters!

Harrison got a new Scooter today, its one of them humongous ones that the kids seem to waggle on and they just go.. I 'thought' it would be a great (however misguided) idea to have a quick ride, stupidly whilst it was in the dining room... I literally STEPPED on the b@stard and it shot off like a rocket, taking me with it straight across the laminate floor CLANG! I got it jammed under the radiator; thankfully i didn't go through the bay window.. However, After a couple of tugs I realised it wasn't coming out too easily and I thought id best be careful otherwise I'd pull the bloody radiator off the wall and that'd be a proper disaster. Whilst pondering the challenge ahead and trying various manoeuvres to UN jam it, I accidentally knocked all the ornaments over on the window sill.. I think at this point the missus was wondering if it might be best to get a Geriatric elephant on stilts to do it instead!

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