Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I won't be doing that again..

Another dumbfounded act of electrical stupidity...

Went to pull a plug out of a wall socket once and the back of the plug came off..

"Bollox" I thought, looking at the exposed wiring inside the plug; "how the Frig am I supposed to get that out now?"

There was no switch on this socket but as an alternate, I could have switched the mains off I suppose, but that would have meant getting a stool, standing on it, pulling a microwave out from the cupboard to get to the fuse box and turn it off... All high risk activities...

Noooo... What did I do?

Went to the draw, got out a knife, went to the plug socket, slid the knife down between socket and plug and


Yep! I was blown across the room... Don't remember much more... Other than waking up Damp?!?

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