Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Fish & Kitchen Incident

Arrived in the office today, nice and early, lots to do etc etc.. and the "present" Mrs. Eastham (who also works with me) said "If you fill the kettle... I'll make the brews" so into the kitchen I went (this is the same kitchen I had the Coca-cola incident in when we first moved in, that I haven't told you about YET!)..

Filled the Jug from the Water Filter thingy, we have in the corner (as the water out of the tap tastes like TCP?), poured it into the kettle... Bugger... not enough, filled the Jug some more, and topped up the Kettle, switched it on, went back to my desk...

forgot (or should I say the MRS... forgot) and then a good 10-15 minutes later, there were shouts of "Oh my god" and fits of giggles from the other room (adjacent to the kitchen) and then that fateful comment "Who left the kettle boiling...?"
Done it again....

Now, this kettle, albeit New, is CR@P (no doubt no different to any other kettle) but if you forget to put the lid down, it boils, and boils AND BOILS!

When we went into the kitchen, there was a good 2 Foot's worth of steam, circling around the roof tiles, the windows were seriously fogged up and dripping and there was water all over the kitchen work top..


especially as there was now less than an inch of water in the kettle (full is about 8 inches)

Now the worrying comments of:
  • "oooooh, the wallpaper will come off now"
  • "The Boss is gonna kill you.. Again" (because of the previous Coke Incident and a desk incident that I also havent told you about yet!)
  • etc....
All the windows open, kitchen work tops wiped down, but then it hit me, and everyone else... the SMELL was unbelievable, and it was rotten.... like FISH!

This smell lasted ALL Day, thankfully, the boss wasn't in (till later) and didn't go into the kitchen, so I 'may' ave gotten away with it.... we'll see tomorrow I guess; HOPEFULLY with the kitchen still having wallpaper!?

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Alan C said...

These stories are making me chuckle so much. Especially as I have witnessed some of them myself.