Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holiday Blog - Day 4 - Ants Nest (Rant)

11:00 it must be chuckin out time at the "God Squad" Tents cos were tryin to get out of the Site (in the car) and the Bible Bashers are comin out of every orrifice
on this site like Ants from the nest.

They seem to have an inain "fearless" complex about them or they're just plain rude, which I'm leaning towards the latter as they just scowl at you and meander along the road cursing at us (without vulgarity of course)

Even the lad (7 yr old) is beginning to get fed up with them now, his view is that they must think God will resurrect them if the mrs. Bounces one off the bonnet..

Me, I just like reminding them that this isn't a scene from the A-Team, they will not get out from under this car, shake their heads and lumber off back to base

(Rant over, yes I know I'm going to hell)

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